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Best FUE Hair Transplant Results in Lahore

Best FUE Hair Transplant Results in Lahore

FUE hair transplant 

This is no cut, no pain Hair transplant. FUE is the latest type of Best Hair Transplant In Lahore Pakistan. Your head will be shaved in this method. The hairs will be taken from the back of your head by a small punch. This usually leaves a tiny hole in the back of your head, which usually fills up in 5 to 7 days.

The hair transplant procedure is best for those who have hair loss in their genes or have hair loss due to hormones (Androgenic Alopecia) and with hair loss due to burning and trauma or accident. Best fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is best for both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness (female hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan).

Is it a Painful Process?

Hair transplant is not a painful process however every surgery proves a bit uncomfortable so a little irritation or discomfort would be there. It takes a lot a few hours to extract the replanting grafts so the surgery proves a bit long. You can even sleep during the time of hair transplant which means that it is not a painful process.

Will I need to stay in the Clinic for Multiple Days?

Not actually. The patients do not need to stay in the clinic for multiple days as the hair transplant is surgery of a few hours and after that, patients are free to go home. It is not a complicated process and patients should not feel any doubt regarding pain. In short, right after the hair transplant, you can leave for your home because it doesn’t even restrict you from driving or travelling.


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