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Best FUE Hair Transplant Results in Lahore

Best FUE Hair Transplant Results in Lahore

FUE hair transplant 

This is no cut, no pain Hair transplant. FUE is the latest type of Best Hair Transplant In Lahore Pakistan. Your head will be shaved in this method. The hairs will be taken from the back of your head by a small punch. This usually leaves a tiny hole in the back of your head, which usually fills up in 5 to 7 days.

The hair transplant procedure is best for those who have hair loss in their genes or have hair loss due to hormones (Androgenic Alopecia) and with hair loss due to burning and trauma or accident. Best fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is best for both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness (female hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan).

Is it a Painful Process?

Hair transplant is not a painful process however every surgery proves a bit uncomfortable so a little irritation or discomfort would be there. It takes a lot a few hours to extract the replanting grafts so the surgery proves a bit long. You can even sleep during the time of hair transplant which means that it is not a painful process.

Will I need to stay in the Clinic for Multiple Days?

Not actually. The patients do not need to stay in the clinic for multiple days as the hair transplant is surgery of a few hours and after that, patients are free to go home. It is not a complicated process and patients should not feel any doubt regarding pain. In short, right after the hair transplant, you can leave for your home because it doesn’t even restrict you from driving or travelling.


Non Surgical Hair Transplant in Lahore

Non Surgical Hair Transplant in Lahore

Hair replacement system is the non-surgical hair loss solution option. Hair replacements are safe alternatives to hair transplants, micro-grafts surgical hair restoration, or chemical medications.

Some hair replacements are permanent for several weeks with the use of medical adhesives, bonding, or integration. In a non-permanent attachment, special tapes are used and need to be replaced every few days

Bonding, also called fusion, is the use of medical adhesives to attach the added new hair around the perimeters to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Reapplication of the process is done between four to six weeks, as often as getting haircuts.

Hair weaves are braided hair into the existing hair and 'sewing' the added hair replacement to the braids. Avoid hair weaving since the tight braiding used in this procedure pulls the hair and causes hair follicular inflammation and more hair loss.

In hair integration, strings of several hairs are glued to existing hair. Hair integration is also used as a special hair replacement made with large openings for pulling the client's own hair through for added fullness. This is used for people whose hair is thinning evenly all around and not with large bald areas.

What are the 7 stages of hair loss?

The Norwood scale has seven phases. Each phase measures the severity and pattern of hair loss.

Stage 1. No significant hair loss or hairline recession.

Stage 2. There is a slight recession of the hairline around the temples. This is also known as adult or adult hairline.

Stage 3. The first signs of clinically significant calendaring appear. The hairline is sunk deep into both temples, looks like an M, U or V shape. The recessed spots are completely bare or scantily covered with hair.

Stage 3 vertexes. The hairline remains in stage 2, but there is significant hair loss on the top of the scalp (the vertex).

Stage 4. The hair loss is more serious than in phase 2, and there is thin hair or no hair on top. The two parts of hair loss are separated by a hair band that connects to the hair that remains on the sides of the scalp.

Stage 5. The two areas of hair loss are larger than in stage 4. They are still separated, but the hair strip between them is narrower and scarcer.

Stage 6. The balding areas at the temples connect with the balding area at the top. The headband on the top of the head has disappeared or is bald.

Stage 7. The most serious stage of hair loss, leaving only a headband around the sides of the head. This hair is usually not dense and can be good.

Best PRP And Hair Transplant Treatment

Best PRP And Hair Transplant Treatment

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP Hair Treatment in Lahore is done as an office procedure. In blood will be taken for PRP and sent for preparation. Meanwhile, some local anesthesia will be injected into your scalp to numb the area for PRP Hair Treatment. This will also help in doing the PRP properly. This Hair treatment may be done without numb injections but for some patients, it’s rather uncomfortable.

Why Do Go For PRP?

Hair loss in males and Hair loss in females certainly has an impact on the personality of the person. The Hair loss treatment and hair thinning treatment is necessary to prevent you from being bald. The hair regrowth also gives a boost to the personality and confidence.

Why Choose HairLines For PRP? 

Hair Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, and Laser Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility with the best facility and trained staff. The clinic will always welcome you and will also take care of all your needs. And will certainly give you a customized treatment that is best for you.

What side effects can you expect from Hair Transplant 

PRP Hair Treatment is generally a safe procedure. PRP hair treatment side effects are usually minor. As it is your own blood, so there is no risk for any communicable diseases. The minor risks are swelling and numbness at a few places and infection.


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